Convert Text to Speech

Update your previous version with current version, because it is a huge updates in my app. Clik here to get to my app in Windows Store. the current version has a following updates:

  • [NEW] : New Speech Control !!!. Play, Pause, Stop and Speed button now moved to new Speech Control and it’s accessible from other page.
  • [NEW] : New SliderBar control !!!. Now added SliderBar Speech controller, you can move around where ever you want. PS. if any error shows up, such as play button don’t work, try to change the speaker or the text and try again. otherwise contact me in Feedback page:).
  • [NEW] : Added switch button on Translate, so you can switch between the source and target language.
  • [NEW] : Added preview when you translated text, but you also can turn in off.
  • [NEW] : Added Sort-By button in Library page, so you can sort your library.
  • [NEW] : Added multi-select, so you can select your library to delete at once.
  • [NEW] : Added drag and drop. so you can drag your file into speech box, instantly.
  • [ADDED] : Added icon to mp3 and txt file.
  • [FIXED] : Fixed where Windows’ player control cannot resume your current speech, instead it will start over.
  • [NOTICE] : Please notice that when you save mp3, the speed of mp3 will normal. I am still looking reference since in UWP it is hard to find.
  • [UPDATED] : Moved “How to download speech” page to online and it reduce the size of app about 1 mb.
  • [IMPROVED PERFORMANCE] : Improved translate performance.
  • [IMPROVED PERFORMANCE] : Application is now ported to a new model and to be ready if Fluent Design (Windows 10 Fall Creator Update) released.
  • [IMPROVED] : Fixed where display is turn off when playing speech.

Thanks, update your app soon!.

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PS: If you are in Windows 10 Mobile, this how-to is the same as PC only in different view

1. Navigate to Settings. You can get there by clicking the Settings icon on the start menu.
2. Click Time & language.
3. Select Region & language from the left pane.
4. Select a new region from the pulldown menu. As of this writing, Speech is only available in the United State, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and China.
5. Click Add a language under the Languages subhead.
6. Select the appropriate language. The top-level menu only shows major language groups, but you’ll get to pick a specific dialect on the next screen.
7. Select the local dialect for the language. Remember to choose the supported Speech only (explained in above).
8. Click Option button
9. Click Download button under Speech text
10. After downloading success, You have to restart this app and you will see new language in drop-down list.
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Hi guys, today is an excited day because I have released the new version of Convert Text to Speech app. in this release I have made big changes (I think :D), such as Doc/DocX and PDF supported file (it also work in Mobile). Ok, I will listing the other improvements and updates:

Supported many format files, the big one is PDF and Doc/DocX

  • In Windows 10 build 14393 or later, now you can play speech in Background (due to windows limitation). but for earlier version you can try my workaround, type your speech => save to mp3 file => play with music player (eg. Groove Music).
  • Now you can open Doc/DocX, PDF, Rtf, Dot, ODT, html, and xml file.
  • Added speed rate based on your incrimination (ex. Speed: 1.25x).
  • Added ability to play speech on selected text, you can try this by click chevron-up button on the bottom.
  • Added in-app feedback page, so you can write what-do-you-think inside the app and then it will automatically added to email’s body.
  • Added ability to search in Library page.
  • If you haven’t get update, just wait the update because it needs to pass some state before it fly to Windows store


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